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ZAMPHIA is a scientific assessment of the progress made against HIV/AIDS in Zambia. It is also helping expand HIV prevention measures and assisting those who test positive to obtain the treatment they require. 


The ZAMPHIA survey is an example of what is known as a population-based HIV impact assessment, or PHIA. PHIAs have been conducted across Africa with technical assistance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


To find out more about PHIAs, and what has been done in the larger PHIA context, read this bulletin from the CDC, entitled “New PHIA Survey Data Show Critical Progress Towards Global HIV Targets.” 

ZAMPHIA staff have been reaching out in communities to help set the record straight and facilitate greater knowledge of the survey. There are still many unanswered questions, and we have assembled these FAQs and other materials to help clear up the confusion.

NOTICE: The ZAMPHIA Survey's field-based activities will begin in the second quarter of 2021. The activities will be implemented under strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines. Please stay safe. 

Everything you need to know about the ZAMPHIA Survey

What is the ZAMPHIA Survey?

The Zambia Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (ZAMPHIA) Survey is a nationally representative household-based survey that provides Home-Based HIV Counselling and Testing with immediate return of results.

What does it seek to achieve?

The data will be used to inform evidence-based national and global HIV policies and for funding. The information can also help guide program planning to focus on the most effective interventions and identify the areas and populations that are most in need of services.

Who is conducting the ZAMPHIA Survey?

The ZAMPHIA Survey is led by the Zambian government through the Ministry of Health and Zambia Statistics Agency (ZAMSTATs), conducted with funding from the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and with technical assistance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ZAMPHIA is being implemented by University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Who are the target audience of ZAMPHIA survey?

The survey is targeted at those aged 15 years and above. If you are between ages 15 to 17 years, your parent or guardian must give permission for you to take part in the survey.

What are the benefits of ZAMPHIA Survey?

  • It will enable individuals test for HIV in the comfort of their own homes with no cost.
  • It will enable individuals found HIV positive be linked to treatment, care and support if you are not already doing so.
  • It will enable individuals found HIV positive to protect their partner and loved ones from contracting HIV virus.
  • It will enable an individual who already knows his/her positive status to re- test and know his/her viral load
  • Your participation will help your community and Zambia to understand our progress towards controlling the HIV epidemic.
  • Will help in policy formulation targeted at bringing the HIV epidemic under control and ending AIDS by 2030

How will the ZAMPHIA Survey be conducted?

The ZAMPHIA survey will use a home-based testing and counseling (HBTC) approach to measure HIV prevalence by collecting blood samples to determine presence of HIV.

What will the blood sample be used for?

After the HIV test is conducted from your home, the remaining blood samples will be taken to the central laboratory for further testing.

Will my information collected in ZAMPHIA Survey be kept private?

  • The information will be collected by trained health personnel who understand the importance of privacy.
  • The information will be used for the survey purposes only.
  • Your information will not be shared with other people in the community.
  • Your name will not be included in the results of the survey.

When will I receive the HIV test results?

You will receive your HIV test results the same day you are tested.

Why should I participate?

  • It is important for you to know your HIV status.
  • Even if you already know your HIV status, you are still encouraged to retest.
  • Regardless of your status, your participation will provide valuable information that helps your community and Zambia understand our progress towards controlling the HIV epidemic However, your participation is completely voluntary.



Participate and

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Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation (MGIC)

MGIC – an affiliate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore

1st Floor West Wing, Zambia Statistics Agency, Nationalist Rd, Opposite University Teaching Hospital. Lusaka, Zambia

+26 096 799 0561

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