Chief Mumena of the Kaonde-speaking people of North-Western Province has pledged wholehearted support for the ZAMPHIA survey.

Speaking at his palace recently to a group of ZAMPHIA community mobilisers, the traditional leader said the survey occupies a very central position in the country's health policy development.

“I want to appreciate the Government of the Republic of Zambia and its cooperating partners for making the ZAMPHIA survey possible. For us as a country to fight the HIV epidermic, we will need evidence-based health programs. But how will we achieve this? By embracing the ZAMPHIA survey,” said Chief Mumena.

The senior chief observed that any country's ability to formulate workable and inclusive heath policies relies on the availability of credible data.

Chief Mumena said by welcoming the ZAMPHIA teams into their communities and homes, Zambians will be helping the government and its partners plan in a more practical, sustainable, and effective manner.

He further encouraged other traditional leaders across the country to embrace the survey as it is meant to benefit all Zambians.

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