Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Who is Dr. Charurat?

Dr. Charurat who is the University of Maryland, Baltmore PI is an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and Professor of Medicine, Prof. Charurat brings two decades of experience in public health to ZAMPHIA 2020, including experience leading the Nigeria PHIA (one of the largest population-based HIV surveys to be conducted in a single country), the Nigeria Key Population Size Estimation, and the Botswana AIDS Impact Survey.

Here are Dr. Charurat’s expectations regarding the ZAMPHIA 2020


“ZAMPHIA 2020 project will work with the Zambia Ministry of Health (MoH) to execute a high-quality and efficient household-based survey to measure progress in achieving epidemic control. By better understanding HIV trends at the national and subnational level, stakeholders will have the data needed to do the right things, in the right places”.

What has been the progress so far?

“Understanding the true status of the HIV epidemic in Zambia rests on obtaining accurate measures of HIV prevalence, HIV incidence and viral load suppression. Success depends upon good preparation, therefore, I am currently focused on working with the MoH on a strong protocol, solid data management systems, and a solid training


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