Who is Megan Bronson?

Megan who is currently the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) principle investigator on the ZAMPHIA 2020 survey is an epidemiologist at the CDC Division of Global HIV and TB’s Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch. She has led the Population-Based HIV Impact Assessments (PHIAs) in Kenya and Nigeria, focusing her efforts on improving implementation efficiencies to get timely and accurate data for program improvement.

From 2013 to 2015, Megan was a fellow in the CDC-Nigeria Office where she supported reporting of PEPFAR monitoring and evaluation indicators and the development of a national data repository. Before joining CDC, she worked as a research coordinator in Kenya with the University of North Carolina.

Here is what she had to say about ZAMPHIA?

“As Zambia begins the monumental effort to conduct ZAMPHIA 2020, CDC looks forward to strong collaborations with the Ministry of Health and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, to collect high-quality data to measure the impact of the national HIV program”.

What has been the progress so far?

“Zambia launched its second PHIA with great enthusiasm. Efforts towards implementation include the creation of the National Technical Working Group, development of a data collection protocol and questionnaire adaptation workshop, and completion of the central and satellite laboratory assessments.”

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