Updated: May 11, 2021

A cross section of community health stakeholders, including teachers, religious leaders, and political leaders, have welcomed the Zambia Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (ZAMPHIA) survey.

In a recent interview, the Honourable Kafula Mutale, the area councillor for John Howard Ward 3, of Chawama Constituency, made a sincere appeal to Zambians:

“My word of encouragement to the people of John Howard and Zambia at large is that we should not look at the ZAMPHIA survey as a foreign project. What ZAMPHIA is doing is assessing the progress the country has made in fighting the HIV and AIDS epidermic,” he said.

“So if we do not welcome the survey team into our homes and provide them with the data that they need, it would be very difficult for the government to make evidence-based health policies.”

The area councillor stressed that by welcoming the survey team into their homes and providing them with accurate data, Zambians will be helping the country attain the aspirations of the UNAIDS goals, in addition to assisting policymakers come up with realistic policies for their communities.

Similarly, Habombe Mutinta, a teacher at Kamulanga Secondary School, appealed to all Zambians to take part in the survey and know their HIV status.

She said that knowing your HIV status gives you the confidence you need as a citizen to participate in the development of your community and the country at large.

The ZAMPHIA survey will be conducted starting April, 2021.

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