The workshop was officially opened by ZAMPHIA 2020 Ministry of Health Principal investigator, Professor Lloyd Mulenga, who eluded to the fact that the Ministry of Health was excited about the ZAMPHIA survey.

“This PHIA provides us another opportunity to assess the progress we have made in the fight against HIV. Let me say that the Ministry has confidence in the technical capacity that has been exhibited by the University of Maryland, Baltmore (UMB). I wish to particularly commend Dr. Kumbutso for his leadership and success in putting together a very strong team.” Professor Mulenga remarked.

The workshop kicked off with Field Implementation Technical Lead, Mumbi Chola, who laid out the workshop objectives and shared the outline of the program for the 12-day activity.

ZAMPHIA Project Director, Dr. Kumbutso Dzekedzeke, delivered an overview of the ZAMPHIA 2020 survey. He later discussed Zambia HIV Transmission goals in the context of the 90-90-90 targets.

Tandwa Syakayuwa, the Community Mobilization Technical Lead, also gave a presentation on the role of Community Mobilization and demand creation in Survey implementation. The presentation culminated in a robust and engaging debate about effective community mobilization approaches with participants sharing their experiences.

Webby Mwamulela, one of the Regional Field Coordinators, , took over the proceedings with a discussion about team composition, roles and responsibilities of Field Team.

Dr Chinedu Agbakwuru, the UMB Senior Technical Advisor, kicked off the afternoon session with a presentation on Organization and Reporting Structure, Survey Reporting and Documentation.

Mumbi Chola later discussed Preparations for field activities focusing on Community and Household entry approaches. The day’s sessions ended with a presentation on locating households, making contact and enrolling participants by Smart Chipangano.

The master ToT training is attended by staff from Ministry of Health, ZAMSTATS, ICF and UMB. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Zambia and Atlanta staff are also attending the training to provide technical support.

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